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Torah Readings Congratulation to Isabella's Torah Reading Ceremony, can't wait until the Bat Mitzvah DSC03390DSC03390
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(Barrie Dail Photography) bat mitzvah reading torah Fri, 20 Aug 2021 19:30:07 GMT
Brody's Bar Mitzvah Celebration DSC06823DSC06823 DSC07106DSC07106
DSC07136DSC07136 DSC06818DSC06818 DSC07257DSC07257 DSC07063DSC07063 DSC06828DSC06828 DSC07318DSC07318 DSC07061DSC07061

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73_0905373_09053 What a celebration!

Congratulation to Brody's on a wonderful Bar Mitzvah celebration. Great food lots of fun and a beautiful family. Mazel tov. 


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Florence & Fitzgerald Pre-Bridal Photo Session Congratulations to Florence & Fitzgerald on their upcoming wedding.  As alway we had a wonderful shoot, these are ages form the portrait session.



(Barrie Dail Photography) Engagement Photo NYC Planting Field Portraits Pre-bridal session Wedding Tue, 27 Jul 2021 16:57:25 GMT
Melinda & Adam's Engagement Celebration 73_0026073_00260 73_0026573_00265 73_0026673_00266 73_0033473_00334 73_0035473_00354 73_0037573_00375 73_0040473_00404 A9_02151A9_02151 A9_02165A9_02165 73_0044973_00449

Congratulation to Melinda & Adam on their engagement. Had a wonderful time covering the event can't wait until the wedding

(Barrie Dail Photography) Engagement Kings NYC Photo Point Session Wedding Tue, 27 Jul 2021 15:20:06 GMT
Lauren Photo Shot B85_2104B85_2104 A9_05003A9_05003 A9_04979A9_04979 A9_04914A9_04914 A9_04953A9_04953 B85_1628B85_1628 B85_1658B85_1658 B85_1659B85_1659 B85_1636B85_1636 B85_1741B85_1741 B85_1806B85_1806 B85_1742B85_1742 B85_1776B85_1776 B85_1953B85_1953 B85_1986B85_1986 B85_1809B85_1809 B85_1957B85_1957 B85_1822B85_1822 B85_2081B85_2081 These images will be used for Lauren's Bat Mitzvah celebration.  We had a wonderful time and she is a trooper.  

(Barrie Dail Photography) Bat Central Grand Mitzvah NYC Photo Shoot Station Wed, 06 Mar 2019 00:50:11 GMT
Love Fellowship 20th Anniversary at Cipriani of Wall St.

(Barrie Dail Photography) 20 Anniversary Cipriani Fellowship Love St. Wall at of Wed, 21 Jan 2015 20:07:23 GMT
What a Wedding! Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0069Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0069 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0007Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0007 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0014Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0014 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0018Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0018 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0022Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0022 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0024Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0024 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0057Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0057 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0050Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0050 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0063Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0063 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0076Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0076 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0111Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0111 Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0103Leonards of Great Neck Barrie Dail0103

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